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What do you do with PB Shot?

McAlister Shot is used in shotgun shells, scuba weights, drape hangings, camera/light bags, and any application where heavy round shot can be useful.

What kind of lead shot is McAlister Shot?

McAlister Shot is brand new magnum lead shot. We use lead with antimony added, which results in better patterns and greater range.

How much is McAlister Shot?

Call for current price, as the market fluctuates so does our price.

Why do you use buckets?

Porous bags leak lead and graphite dust which is messy and unhealthy. The buckets provide a cleaner, resealable container which is easy to handle.

Does the pricing change if I order in bulk?

Yes, we have two types of packaging, the first is a 25 lb. bucket and the second is an approximately 800 lb. plastic barrel. With the barrel we can lower the price as our labor cost is lessened. Call for a quote!

How do the taxes work? What if  I have a re-sale number?

There is a sales tax which varies by location. If you have a re-sale number there is no sales tax, though you must have a copy with you, or on file with us, to take advantage of this pricing.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is not included in our pricing. The prices we have above are for our warehouse pick-ups only. Call us for a freight quote.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, 25 lbs.

Is this lead shot made in a foreign country?

McAlister Shot is made in the United States in Wilton, Iowa.

Is your lead shot graphite coated?

Yes, McAlister Shot is graphite coated.

Where can I buy McAlister shot?

McAlister Shot is currently being sold from our Iowa and Southern California locations. We can help assist with logistics if you would like to purchase from out-of-state.

Can I buy McAlister Brand in a store near me?

Though McAlister Brand has no agreements with any stores or dealers, It’s possible that you may find McAlister Brand shot at a store near you, as anyone can purchase it online or in person.

Who/What is CBM Trading Inc?

C.B.M. Trading Inc. is the recycling company where McAlister Shot is made. Both companies are run by the same management, so if you call C.B.M. Trading you will be speaking directly with representatives of McAlister Brand Shot.

Will you buy/pick up my range lead?

Yes. We work with many gun ranges helping to recycle their range lead and cartridge brass. For more information, please call 563-732-2304